About Gobyt

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting for you

Gobyt offers your choice of Linux and Microsoft managed servers designed for your streaming needs. Start a managed hosting account today.

Saves You Money

Save Money on Bandwidth

Gobyt can save you money on your high bandwidth needs. We tailor a plan just for you. Whether your needs are 2GB or 500GB+ we will build a network that saves you money!

FMS Included

FMS Load Balancing

We offer our own engineered Flash Media Services Load Balanced Solutions to accommodate any streaming capacity. The solutions here at Gobyt are scalable.

Plan Made To Order

Server Clustering Plan

Concerned about your fast paced growth? Gobyt designs high-availability networks to the specific demands of our customers' mission-critical streaming applications.

Managed Support

24/7 Hour Managed Support

Our support staff are highly trained specifically for supporting complex streaming environments. We are dedicated to delivering the best streaming experience.

24 Hours Backups

24 Hours Backups

We understand the streaming business and develop your solutions from the ground up! We provide full and incremental backups which saves space for your daily backups.

How Gobyt works

Our Solutions

  • BlinkoTV
  • tikilive
  • Mozzen
  • Realsafe
  • StreamingBASE
  • Kuleblu
  • CinaCHAT
  • Scenerecall
  • MonsterEncoder
  • Ehopii
  • Camwax
  • gobyt
  • BuzBit
  • EyePartner


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